"Inspiring Positive Change Through Empowerment and Education"


Who Are WE

A Canadian charity dedicated to aiding those in Ukraine that need it is the Sergiy Prytula Charity Foundation, formed in 2016 by businessman and philanthropist Sergiy Prytula after moving here from Ukraine in 2013. Their primary mission is helping orphanages, low-income families, individuals with disabilities and those without easy access to healthcare in Ukraine.

Foundation's Main Areas of Intervention

The foundation’s main areas of intervention in Ukraine include providing food, healthcare and educational opportunities to the underprivileged. Donations come in from restaurants, grocery stores and local farms and distributed directly to those in need. Furthermore, to guarantee access to healthy meals at Ukrainian markets.

Health care provided through this foundation aims at aiding those who cannot pay with free treatments and medications as well as professional training courses that support medical professionals in various aspects of medicine. In addition, this organization promotes preventative health measures among less fortunate populations.

Sergiy Prytula Charity Foundation assists underprivileged kids and teens by giving them books and other school supplies, partnering with nearby colleges to offer financial aid in form of scholarships, hosting seminars/workshops for educators to develop professionally while raising awareness about education’s value.


Sergiy Prytula Charity Foundation endeavors to improve lives through aid distribution. Their programs aim to expand possibilities and foster optimism while spreading hope among Ukrainian citizens who live in poverty. Furthermore, to make certain its initiatives reach those most in need, they partner with neighborhood groups.

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