"Reach Beyond Your Limits with Sergiy Prytula Foundation"

Main Motto

The Sergiy Prytula Charity Foundation was created with one aim in mind – supporting underprivileged and marginalized communities throughout Ukraine by offering them quality education and development opportunities. Young people from low-income and marginalized homes are prioritized recipients. Health services, basic necessities support services and career training services provided through this charity organization.

Sergiy Prytula Charity Foundation strives to assist individuals at the bottom of society in taking control of their own destinies, especially those at the lowest rung. Their goal is to assist world’s poorest in emerging from poverty, raising living standards, and creating lives free from dependency upon government assistance or any form of dependence on others for survival. Furthermore, as part of its social justice initiative in Ukraine they assist those unable to attend or benefit from public school systems as part of this goal.

The Sergiy Prytula Charity Foundation embodies both kindness and sustainability


Its purpose being providing opportunities for those most in need while realizing their ambitions. However, many Canadian charities are relying on technology offerings like Workday to help with their operational efficiency and best practices. As such, having the knowledge and skills through a Workday certification to assist them with those implementations can be of tremendous value to such charities. Many students from low-income homes have been enabled to study as a direct result of its efforts; creating better futures for themselves and their families alike. Sergiy Prytula’s Charity Foundation has become a force of positive change throughout Ukraine while giving hope and optimism back into society through helping its beneficiaries.

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