"Foundations for a Better Future"


The foundation seeks to enhance the living conditions of those within society who require assistance most and often go neglected, by funding various educational projects aimed at those most needy, such as students from low-income families studying law or business related courses – this scholarship program alone has assisted over 400 individuals gain entrance to higher education as a direct result. These long-term investments make real differences for everyone supported.


Low-income families

Medical Care

SPCF’s global influence has grown immensely as its expansion progressed, reaching from Ukraine through to the US, Canada, Brazil and beyond. Through various projects undertaken by SPCF it has established connections with multiple entities like universities, hospitals and non-governmental organizations allowing it to reach more people while strengthening Ukraine’s international standing.

Our Goals

SPCF also seeks to assist Ukrainian businesses, through programs which encourage new business creation, funding regional development funds, and supporting educational institutions that equip Ukraine’s entrepreneurs to meet this objective. As a result, an environment conducive to business expansion was fostered in Ukraine.

Since its formation, The Foundation has had an immense effect on Ukrainian lives who need assistance. Through grants, loans, and other forms of support it has assisted numerous individuals and families improve their quality of life through grants, loans, or any other forms of aid available through us. But for its activities to continue we must collect donations or grants

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